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Mothers today have new challenges that their own mothers never had.  Managing a household, holding down a job, suddenly homeschooling through a pandemic, managing elder care and hectic schedules or becoming a single parent due to divorce or death can all be overwhelming. 


We have found that when moms feel they are not alone, they move through their challenges and obstacles more quickly and confidently and with greater success. We believe that moms who take care of themselves, who set boundaries and who have caring support will change the world.


As several of us are mothers ourselves, we can understand what you are going through. We encourage people to realize that the rough spots and hurdles are opportunities to grow, and that the struggle is worth it.


If you want more balance and less stress in your life, and could use a non-judgmental, encouraging ally, please contact Guiding Therapy so you can begin to get the support that you need.

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