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Relationships are a work in progress that need attention, energy, and care every day. But throughout the life of a relationship, it is normal for the couple to experience disagreements and encounter a potential crisis. This is where we come in. We will be available to help you identify the problem, offer an objective perspective and help foster the understanding necessary to resolve the issue - be it infidelity, infertility, adoption, marital distress, and sexual health, or any other issue straining a couple’s relationship in today’s complex world.


Relationships are central to our happiness.  We all are hard wired to desire connection. When our primary relationships feel empty or are conflict-ridden it takes a toll on our functioning. Couples counseling helps couples repair injuries and create the bond in their relationship that is essential to having a secure, loving, and mutually gratifying relationship. Though every marriage cannot, and some should not, be saved, every person is worthy of love and belonging.


If you are yearning for a deeper connection and are tired of feeling like you are merely roommates, please reach out so we can move your relationship to a stronger place.

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