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Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.


Marna Brickman, LCSW-C

Marna is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Maryland. She has extensive experience with a wide range of clinical issues. Marna is goal oriented and believes establishing an open and trusting relationship with her clients is critical to successful treatment.



I help people who are dealing with profound pain from losing a loved one and who need support along their grief journey. I support people in normalizing their experience so that they know they are not alone and can move through the challenges that grief brings. 

While there’s no greater joy than motherhood, there is also no job more difficult. And it’s ok to admit that. I help stressed-out moms realize they don’t have to do it all and they have an ally in their struggles.


Health Related Issues

I help people who are struggling with illness or who are taking care of loved ones who have a chronic or terminal illness. When life has handed you the difficulty of dealing with hospitals, doctors and insurance companies, it is helpful to have someone to share the burden and journey with.

At the end of the day, it is our relationships that matter most. We are born to be connected and we yearn to be seen, known, understood and loved, flaws and all, particularly by our most intimate partner in life. I am passionate about helping you resolve conflicts, develop personal and relational accountability, and achieve that deep connection with one another so you can live a truly fulfilled life. 

Couples Counseling

Client Testimonials

"Marna is compassionate and understanding. She gives great feedback which is what I need. You get that comfortable feeling and that’s so important."

"Working with Marna for me was life changing and provided a much needed reset in family communications."

"I find Marna to be a highly effective therapist. She is honest and nonjudgemental. I feel I can discuss any issue with her. She offers gentle guidance in a straight forward manner. She is interested in helping her clients be their best selves."

"I worked with two therapists before I met Marna. She is a powerful listener who is intuitive and compassionate. She guides me toward a better understanding of myself and how I interact with others, and how I allow others to interact with and affect me."

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