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Katie Jank


Starting therapy can be an intimidating, but life changing decision. My goal is to foster an authentic, individualized, and judgment-free relationship, no matter who you are or where you're at in life. Whether you are brand new to therapy, or have been in therapy for years and need something new, I am here to support you from session one. 


Your wellbeing is my priority, and no two people's care looks the same. I focus on collaboration and highlighting the strengths you inevitably have, while also pointing out the areas of potential growth. When working together, I will combine traditional talk therapy with an integrated health approach. What this means is, as we explore what brings you in each week, we will also talk about all aspects of your health like quality of sleep, chronic pain, work life, finances, and all things that affect your health and wellness. 


As a licensed social worker, graduate fellow and counselor, I have over 15 years of experience in the field of mental and behavioral health. I work with individuals, couples, families, and children with a whole range of concerns. I strive to be an excellent mental healthcare provider and create an individualized approach that best suits your wants and needs.


Please reach out for a consultation to learn more or to book your appointment. 

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