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Brittaney Wood


I believe in people and their ability to make changes in their lives that best serve them. My aim is to work collaboratively with clients to identify and understand patterns in which they feel stuck and find relief from narratives that are no longer serving them. While working with individuals, couples or families my aim is to collaborate with you to identify your personal goals and identify the steps needed to reach them. I believe within a safe and supportive environment each person can exceed their goals by gaining the necessary skills and confidence in themselves to flourish.


I intend to focus on your individual and family needs through the use of a person-centered approach with an emphasis on the strengths of each individual. My objective is to create a strong therapeutic relationship within a safe and nonjudgmental environment. We will collaborate and explore any barriers to your overall happiness and well-being. We will work together to assess your mental health needs and develop a plan that will optimize your strengths and offer you tools that you can use for a lifetime.

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